Applications for Enrollment

Applications for enrollment are accepted without regard to ethnicity, religion, gender or national origin. Submission of an Enrollment Application does not guarantee a child’s acceptance. Programs are offered pending space availability and sufficient demand.

Presently enrolled children must reapply each year. Progress, comportment and timely application are used to determine admission. Only children whose accounts are in good standing will be considered for re-enrollment.

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Withdraw and change of schedule notice

If you decide to withdraw your child from the preschool, you must notify the office within 30 days prior to the next month’s tuition payment due date in order to avoid tuition charges. Parents requesting a change in their child schedule MUST complete and sign the ‘Preschool Parent Request to Change Students Schedule’ form prior to the next monthly tuition payment due date to avoid late fee charges. The request MUST BE approved, in advance, by the Director.

If your child is ill or absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to notify the office by telephone and/or in writing. The tuition payment must be made to ensure your child’s placement in the school. If your child is absent for five (5) consecutive days, without notice from the parent/guardian, and tuition payment for your child has NOT BEEN submitted to the Office, you will forfeit your child’s placement in the Preschool Program.

Required enrollment forms

All forms must be submitted for an enrollment application to be considered.

  • Enrollment Application
  • Identification and Emergency Information (Form LIC 700)
  • Previous Health History (Form LIC 702)
  • Physician Report
  • Emergency Medical Authorization (Form LIC 627)
  • Personal Rights (Form LIC 613a)
  • Parents Rights (Form LIC 995)
  • Holiday Schedule – Last page of Parents Manual
  • Photo authorization

These forms are necessary for the health and protection of the child while at the Academy and must therefore be completed before the child is accepted into the program. These forms must be submitted at the time of admission. Parents must provide updated information to the Academy whenever a change happens.